Monday Men’s Fashion Talk. Park Avenue Coat Company

Monday Men’s Coat Talk with Park Avenue

Park Avenue Coat Company


Happy Monday Everyone,

As the face is the index of our mind, our outfits are the overview or outermost structure to our personality. The act of buying new outfits is liberating. Nostalgic feeling fills your soul as you walk out the doors of Park Avenue with your new inexpensive, high quality on trend clothing.

When it comes to the combination of fashion and men, there are fixed feelings and opinions on the topic. A man’s image projection and feeling of self-worth is one factor that can sway his fashion choices. Obviously budget and family necessities also comes into play. This is why Park Avenue Coat Company is an excellent place to upgrade the closet.

One such element that speaks for a man's image is his coat or jacket.

They are many patterns and types of men's jackets. Some examples include: the Trench coat, Winter overcoat, the bomber leather jacket, fur coat, parka, field jacket, canvas work jacket and others.

Regardless of whether you are cruising down the ski slopes, dropping the kids off at soccer practice or on the way to the board room; an appropriate perfect-fit coat can complete your appearance and give you a mental boost. You know what they say, “When you look good, you feel good.”

Classic Leather: Trendy men’s leather jackets have stayed the test of time and are as stylish at present as they were years ago. Ones' inclination toward fashion, can rear its horns when you own a Leather Bomber jacket that fits perfectly. This is essential. Big, baggy, and improperly sized jackets cause you to appear unfashionable, and even uninterested in your own appearance. This can send the wrong type of message to people you encounter throughout your day. There are guidelines to assist you when you are looking for that new coat:

Park Avenue Coat Company



Genuine reasons and garment attributes to consider when shopping for a new jacket:



Water Repellent or Water Resistant material is a trend in many work related jackets and coats. The shell of these types of jackets can take in 30% of its weight in moisture vapour without becoming damp. Consider if you will need a water resistant coat if you are going to frequent the outdoors elements.

Park Avenue Coat Company



Given these coats’ naturally insulating characteristics; you might consider these coats/jacket for moderate to cold weathers. They can be quite versatile: example 3 in 1 Parkas. These jackets have removable interiors for a variety of weather types.



Sophisticated yet casual coats. These are suitable for any occasion. You’ll need to test different varieties to see what looks best on you. Puffer Jackets are on trend in 2017.  As are Hi-Vis for working men, Fur coats, and Field Jackets.


Experience a full wardrobe overhaul at Park Avenue Coat Company with luxury brands of men’s coats and jackets at a fraction of the cost of other retail stores. You can visit our locations in Buffalo, Lackawanna, and the Walden Galleria Mall.

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